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Douglas Calvano: A Missionary in Medellin, Colombia

Douglas Calvano: A Missionary in Medellin, Colombia

January 29, 2021

Here at Times Square Church, sending missionaries out to share the good news of Jesus is one of our core tenets. While we have all become missionaries to the online world, there are still missionaries on the ground literally being the hands and feet of Jesus. Douglas Calvano is one of these missionaries. He was sent out from Times Square Church in 1993 to Colombia to start a ministry with homeless and drug addicts in the streets of Medellin. 27 years later, he continues to serve alongside his wife and two children, through the City of Refuge, a foundation and church that serves vulnerable communities with a variety of programs including drug recovery, microenterprise, spiritual formation, and community outreach. He sent a video to say Hello and thank all of you for your faithful support.

Thank you for helping those that have dedicated their lives to serve. They continue to do it only because of God’s grace and your generous support.