Marshall’s Update – Missionaries in Central Asia

We are grateful to have Times Square Church family members all over the world. One family that is particularly special to us is the Marshall’s who left their family, work, and home to serve communities ravaged by decades of civil war in rural areas of Central Asia. In fact, in examining why so many of the orphans they serve come from particular villages, they realized that the villages are ones that became battlegrounds in the war and these children lost their parents in the warfare. The Marshall’s serve these communities in many ways, like establishing clean water sources, teaching everything from hygiene to specialized vocational training, and supporting a boy’s orphanage. But most of all, they understand they are there to shine the light of God. As the country is closed to our faith, they cannot openly talk about our Savior, but they are living in such a way that many ask about their faith. Even though they are far from family, including us, their church family, for years at a time, they are joyful and keep us all close in their hearts. Here is a greeting from them to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers.

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