Applying for Counseling

Counseling appointments will only be arranged if your application can be accommodated, and you are assigned a counselor. Completed applications will generally be responded to within 10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered, biblically-based counseling, with prayer support for the counselees. Our counseling core values, are excerpted from the complete Statement of Faith  of Times Square Church.

Due to the size of our congregation and the high volume of requests we receive you should receive a response within 2–4 weeks.

  • Applicants, if accepted, will be required to sign the Times Square Church Statement of Faith affirming their agreement with the Biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman as a life-long commitment.
  • Pre-marital preparation is conducted in quarterly group classes for six (6) sessions. A private, one-to-one meeting with a counseling couple is held near the end of the class to discuss any personal matters a couple would prefer not to discuss in the group class.
  • Currently, the quarterly class dates and times may be obtained by calling the church offices and speaking to the Counseling Team Administrative Assistant.
  • We ask that pre-marital class participants allow themselves plenty of time to complete all their preparation classes before setting a wedding date. We suggest allowing at least six (6) months for the preparation classes and wedding planning. Most times, we cannot accommodate wedding dates and planning made prior to attending the preparation class.
  • After four (4) class sessions, biblical readiness to marry will be discussed. If the TSC Counseling Team recognizes serious reasons that your marriage should not proceed, we reserve the right to decline approval to marry at Times Square Church. We desire to be faithful stewards of the gospel, and our hope is that, should you marry, you will enter into a marriage which glorifies God.
  • If the couple is approved to marry at Times Square Church, a wedding approval email may be submitted on the couple’s behalf to start the planning process with the TSC Wedding Planner.
  • Upon receipt of this email, it may be possible to reserve space for a wedding.

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: As church counselors we are not professionals, licensed psychologists or psychiatrists. We simply offer Christian counseling based on the Word of God and an opportunity for prayer led by the Holy Spirit. Please be prompt for your appointments and make arrangements for childcare during your sessions as childcare is not provided.
PLEASE NOTE: We will attempt to get in touch with you three times. If after the third attempt we fail to get in touch with you, you must submit a new application for counseling.