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Our VisionLiving for the Benefit of Others

Summit International School of Ministry exists to train men and women for ministry through a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. At Summit we define ministry as living for the benefit of others. Our hope is to influence a generation that is inspired to give back; a generation trained, transformed and equipped to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Our mission supports this vision by building the spiritual foundation that allows Christian leaders to become spiritually free and entirely useful in whatever vocation they are called to.


Our Legacy

Summit is the Bible School of Times Square Church and was founded in 1994 through the ministry of David Wilkerson. Summit is carried under the legacy and leadership of Times Square Church. The heartbeat of the school is a beautiful reflection and practical application of the truth that is taught through the leadership at TSC.

As a student, you will reap the benefits of having the pastoral staff of Times Square Church as regular guest speakers and lecturers during your chapel and class times. In addition, Times Square Church’s extensive connection with ministries all around the world will give you the chance to engage in a wide range of post-graduate ministry opportunities. Summit alumni can be found working alongside ministries on almost every continent on the globe!


We Train. God Transforms.

Summit provides a well-rounded understanding of ministry through two years of academic, spiritual and practical training. We endeavor to present a clear understanding of your position in Christ, and the freedom He has purchased for you. A clear biblical worldview becomes the lens through which you see the world and people living in it. This, in turn, can transform your life and the way you share Jesus with others.

At Summit, we recognize the value of each person that passes through our doors, and we are committed to investing in those who feel called by God to make a difference in their generation. The importance of this call extends beyond the time you spend on our campus; it is an investment in your spiritual life that you take with you wherever God calls you. 


Questions about Summit? Chat with us by texting “SUMMIT” TO 717-865-2000


Summit International School of Ministry
74 Harrison School Road
Grantville, PA 17028
Phone: 717-865-2000


Times Square Church has established two scholarship funds to benefit students at Summit International School of Ministry:


David Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship In Memory of our beloved Founding Pastor David Wilkerson, this scholarship is established in gratitude for his spirit-led ministry which encompassed over 60 years. This scholarship will be awarded annually to deserving students in good academic standing and display exemplary Christian character.


Cross & Switchblade Scholarship In memory of David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge Ministries and co-founder of Summit International School of Ministry, this scholarship will be awarded annually to students from urban areas, demonstrating obvious financial need and a desire to reach inner-city youth.


Apply for a Scholarship To apply for one of these scholarships, please visit the Summit International School of Ministry Website at summitpa.org


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Dear Graduating Class of 2021

It has been a year unlike any other, so our heartfelt congratulations to you are said with complete enthusiasm and such joy!

Throughout your school year you have experienced quarantine, masks, social distancing, and constant uncertainties, yet Jesus has been completely faithful to you. You have let Him take you on a journey of trust right through to this finish line. Well done! It is now time to do what you have come here for—to step out and believe God to use your life for the benefit of others. You have been forged in the fire of repeated opposition, yet your growing spiritual character and God-given natural talents equip you to be called world changers!

The memories you have made here are everlasting; the friendships are strong and the Summit story will always be a part of you. You are a very special class. We love you very much and we are so very proud of you! Your faith and His faithfulness will keep you strong.

Love and best wishes,

Dr. Teresa Conlon
Summit International School of Ministry

Now accepting applications for Fall 2021

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