Watch Party

What is a Watch Party?

WHAT: A watch party is simply a connect group that consists of people who live in the same local area and participate in the online worship experience together each week, to build community, and encourage each other to grow in their faith. You can invite others to watch the service with you at one of the service times each Sunday or meet during the week and watch service together on demand. It’s a great opportunity to invite others who normally wouldn’t go to a church building to join you at your home to experience God. You can eat, hang out, worship and discuss the sermon.

WHO: Anyone can host a watch party connect group. You don’t need any experience! Hosting a watch party is simple, you just need to: Have a HEART for people. OPEN your home. SERVE a snack. And TELL a friend.

WHERE: We encourage you to host a watch party at your home, place of business, etc. The location is up to you. We do encourage you to have a TV or monitor that you can connect to for the live stream. This can be done via, YouTube or Facebook.

WHY: We want to be a church that reaches people all over the world for Jesus Christ and we don’t want to limit our church to the four walls of a building in New York City. You can have church wherever you are!

HOW: We’ve made it simple to sign up and host a connect group watch party this semester. Lead a watch party connect group!