Summit Graduate Jasmine Serves 3 Months in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Missions

Jasmine, a graduate of our Summit Bible School, was sent by our missions department to serve as a short-term missionary for two months with our Childcry feeding program partner in Nicaragua.

While there, she really understood what it meant to live for the benefit of others. The time in Nicaragua for Jasmine was packed with work. She served alongside our partners at the feeding center in Rancho Grande and Cerro Verde where 250 kids received lunch daily. She led a connect group prayer meeting with young kids from the program bringing other summit alumni as guest speakers over zoom. Jasmine also joined in to help at the sustainable farm program that our partners run, conducted Bible studies for the girls, and brought some extra fun with ludic activities, sports, and even a Christmas play for the community.

Jasmine learned that ministry is a daily lifestyle that allows God to use us for His glory.

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