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New York City

Weekly Schedule*

Sunday10:00 AMChurch Online
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3:00 PMTSC Kids Video Series
Tuesday7:00 PMWorldwide Prayer Meeting
Join us to pray for prayer needs submitted from NYC and 208 countries around the world.
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Friday7:00 PMYoung Adults Discussion
via Zoom
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*We will be meeting online for the services and activities listed above while the ban on public gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic are in place. Our regular schedule of church services and events will be reinstated when local authorities remove the limitations.

Translation of Services

Live simultaneous translation is available for the Sunday 10 AM service and the Tuesday 7 PM Worldwide Prayer Meeting is available in the following languages: Arabic, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.

For the month of May, Spanish and Chinese will be translated via Zoom. Arabic, Korean, French, Russian, and Portuguese are available via conference call.

To access the translation via conference call you must dial the phone number and enter the access code listed for each language or click the appropriate link below.

LanguagePhone NumberAccess Code
ArabicZoom Meeting ID:
942 3944 4347
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
ChineseZoom Meeting ID:
978 2733 9030
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
FrenchZoom Meeting ID:
986 3188 7719
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
JapaneseZoom Meeting ID:
980 4895 4759
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
KoreanZoom Meeting ID:
916 8085 3186
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
Portuguese(712) 770-4160614389#Call Portuguese
RussianZoom Meeting ID:
973 0412 9406
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:
SpanishZoom Meeting ID:
938 4101 4532
Zoom Password:
Join Meeting:


237 West 51st St.
New York, NY 10019

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By Car
For driving directions, click here

150th St. and Broadway
CE50th St. and 8th Ave.
NRQ49th St. and 7th Ave.
FM47-50th St., Rockefeller Center
BD7th Ave. and 53rd St.


Times Square Church offers parking for a discounted parking fee of $4.00 (payable by debit or credit card only) to all visitors to our services. The charge for oversize vehicles is $5.00 plus tax (payable by debit or credit card only). For a listing of oversize vehicles, please visit the Icon Parking Systems website.

Please Note:

Only Times Square Church congregants presenting properly validated tickets will be eligible for the discounted parking fee of $4.00 (payable by debit or credit card only). Please make sure to have your parking ticket validated at the security desk in the main lobby of Times Square Church or the security desk in the lobby of the Education Annex.

Additional charges will be applied for cars left in the garage beyond the hours specified below for parking during our regularly scheduled church services on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Owners of cars left beyond the specified hours will be responsible for all additional charges applied beyond the discounted fee of $4.00 (payable by debit or credit card only).

We recommend a $1.00 tip for parking garage attendants.

Parking Locations

Parking Garages

Discounted Fee Parking (with $4 charge)

  • HJ Parking: Hampton Inn, 851 8th Avenue (at 51st Street)
  • Zenith Parking: Hilton Garden Inn, 790-800 8th Avenue (at 49th Street)
  • Circle Parking LLC: The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel, 200-206 West 52nd Street (Broadway & 7th Avenue)
  • 250 West 50th Parking LLC (Between Broadway & 8th Ave. on the South Side of street).
  • Command Parking LLC: 1700 Broadway (54th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue)

Parking Hours


  • Sunday
  • Tuesday, Friday


  • Enter after 8 AM and exit by 10 PM
  • Enter after 6 PM and exit by 12 Midnight