Afghanistan Orphanage

In a remote village in Afghanistan where poverty abounds and little humanitarian aid is available, there is still hope for a group of young orphan boys, because God is there.

With your support, we are able to share God’s love by providing bread daily.

This may not seem like much for most of us, but for them it is like manna from heaven.

The bread not only curbs their hunger, but it also shows them that somebody cares and is committed to them by providing the bread day after day and year after year.

The vast majority of the boys in the orphanage are there because they lost their parents in the decades long war that continues to ravage their country.

We have been helping this orphanage for the past 12 years through ChildCry and we have seen transformation in the lives of the boys and others who work around the orphanage, including a group of widowed women who watch over the boys at the orphanage.

Through the faithful love and care of our feeding program partners there, they have come to question the way their society looks down on those in need instead of helping them as these Christians do resulting in a hunger for Jesus.

We are deeply grateful for your support to ChildCry and Times Square Church.

Please continue to pray for our feeding program partners, especially those in closed countries like Afghanistan, as they continue to fight day by day to keep trusting God to tear down walls and soften hearts.

Their faithful work is opening doors for the good news of the Gospel to advance in Arabic countries.

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