Feeding Orphans in Kazakhstan

It’s been our blessing to have opened a new ChildCry feeding program in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a country in an area of the world least exposed to the gospel, also known as the 10-40 window. Our program sits in Almaty, the country’s cultural hub, and is part of a home that houses orphan refugees. The home also invites local kids whose families cannot afford to feed them to join them for meals. Due to the large refugee population, they are feeding children of multiple nationalities and ethnicities. 

Our partners in Kazakhstan know that food is a powerful tool for drawing people in and sharing Jesus with them. Parents initially send their kids for food out of necessity, but they tell the pastor they keep coming back because the church and the home for the kids are sanctuaries in the middle of the chaos of the city. These kids come for food but find hope and community.

One of the kids, Zubkov, a 13-year-old boy, said he was surprised when he went to church and there was food. He was so happy to see things like burgers, fries, and soda—foods that he never gets to eat normally, saying it was as if Christmas came early. Zubkov expressed his thankfulness for all the people that give from their income to support kids like him. He truly feels loved.

Thanks to your generosity, our ChildCry ministry is growing, and we are able to fulfill our God-given mission to feed the hungry. You are making an eternal impact with your tithes and offerings. Thank you again for your support through prayer and your finances.

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