Feeding Programs in Guatemala

Guatemala Feeding Program

Before the pandemic, our feeding partners in Guatemala were providing lunch and snacks to 90 kids, 5 days a week.

However, once the pandemic hit, they needed to innovate and create new ways to help people. Because of your giving, Times Square Church, they switched from providing lunch and snacks to providing grocery bags to families to take to their homes. Your support also helped them develop a vegetable garden for single moms and parents who are unemployed. They use this garden to provide extra food for families and to teach them how to grow food for themselves. They were also able to give each of the 90 kids in the program a hen to raise at home. These hens will provide eggs for the family and give the kids an opportunity to learn to care for the hens.

We are honored to partner with people and programs like this in Guatemala that are teaching kids to trust God, to care for the land and animals, and to value hard work. Thank you for supporting our feeding partners in Guatemala and many others like them around the world.

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