Helping Migrant Kids at the Mexican Border

Migrant kids at the Mexican border 

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico border, there are numerous kids who are crying out in hunger. Our ChildCry feeding program partner in Reynosa, Mexico has been witnessing the plight of these kids, many without their parents, and we are helping them to provide breakfast in the early cold moorings to these migrant kids. Hot chocolate and egg tacos rice and beans some other days sandwich and juice, milk and crackers that bring not only joy to their stomachs but gladness to their hearts.  

Each child and each family has a different story for being at the border, but one thing they share is the fatigue from their long journey. They are hungry from going days without food and their clothes and shoes are worn out. Our heavenly Father hears their cries, and thanks to your generous support, we can help answer those cries with food and prayers. 

We are not just meeting the immediate need of food to quiet the hungry stomachs; our partners know that behind the physical hunger pains are souls who are hungry for Jesus. They understand that this is not just a food outreach, but this is an evangelistic opportunity for hungry kids to receive a new life in Jesus Christ.  

Thank you for supporting those in need. 

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