Honduras Hurricane Eta relief

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Thank you for continuing to give to the missions work at Times Square Church. Because of your generosity and faithful offerings, we are able to provide emergency disaster relief when it’s needed most.

Just recently, our feeding program partners in Honduras, who run the only school for deaf kids in their country, faced a devastating tragedy. When Hurricane Eta passed through their already impoverished areas of San Pedro Sula city, it left a crippling trail of destruction. Thousands were trapped for days without food or water and the death toll is still uncertain. Some of our very own ChildCry program kids who are deaf or hearing impaired and already depend on the school for their daily meals lost their homes and the little they had in them.

Maria, a single mom said, “If we hadn’t got out in time, we all would have died”. She literally had to run with her two kids and abandon her home and everything in it when the flood waters reached waist high in the middle of the night. When they returned to see their home, they were left in tears because everything was buried in mud.

Maria’s story is just one of thousands in Honduras. These families barely had one meal per day before the pandemic. Then, during the pandemic their suffering intensified under severe lockdown restrictions. Now, they’ve lost everything.

We are grateful that we were able to respond immediately with funds to help families with housing, clothes, beds, food, and appliances to give them a head start in their long, slow, journey of rebuilding in the midst of a pandemic and demonstrate that their brothers and sisters from Times Square Church care.

Thank you for helping those in need, your contribution makes a tremendous impact in these communities and please remember to pray for them as they rebuild their homes and communities.

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