Israel – Feeding Widows and Non-Believers

Your continuous and cheerful support allows us to share funds with our friends and partner congregation in Israel where God’s people are going through hardship and difficulties because of the continuous lockdown.

With so many out of work and unable to leave their homes, our partners discovered that several people from their community, including many widows, were not even having one warm meal a day. So, they created the “Hot Meals with Love” program. Leaders and volunteers from the church cook and deliver a hot meal along with grocery bags in the middle of the week to those in need within their congregation, and to non-Christians in their local community. Although the recipients were grateful for the hot meal and grocery bags, they seemed to be even more excited about getting a visit from a familiar face from the congregation.

Through this act of kindness, some of the widows who were not Christians saw God’s provision and Jesus love and care so powerfully that they decided to give their lives to Jesus.

From your sacrificial giving, God is pouring out an abundance of blessings and rewards. We want you, our Times Square Church family, to be encouraged that you are indeed reaping a heavenly reward for your faithful giving. Thank you for your generosity.

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