Jamaican Outreach

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Before the pandemic, we were able to partner with a local church to provide food for a Vacation Bible School in Jamaica. As the team made up of young people from multiple churches around New York City was starting to make a lasting impact in the lives of the children in Jamaica, they were heartbroken to have to cancel the annual outreach due to the pandemic. However, thanks to your continued generosity, we were able to show these kids that their spiritual family in New York City still remembers them and God continues to provide through the pandemic.  

While the Vacation Bible School team could not go to personally serve the food, we took our place in the Body of Christ to show these kids that though they live in a remote village in the middle of a small island, their brothers and sisters in Christ remember them and love them. 140 impoverished families in the Union Garden Community received care packages packed full of food and delivered with love.   

Your continuous support means a lot to us and certainly to those who benefit directly from your compassionate generosity. The restrictions on tourism caused by the pandemic severely impacted families across the country as tourism is main source of income in the island. This rural area which was already severely impoverished was disproportionately affected and the ability to provide food for kids has become an even greater concern for parents. So, with your support, we sent bags filled with rice, flour, cornmeal, sugar, cans of corn beef, sausage, baked beans, crackers, Lasco vanilla drink, a bag of candy, and toilet paper. 

This food outreaches demonstrates God’s love in a tangible way to this community, and we are excited to share with you the gratefulness and joy of the people you help all over the world with your giving to The Lord’s work.   

Thank you for your support Times Square Church! Let’s keep up the good work we have been doing together. 

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