Learning Center , food and the Gospel for kids in Bogota -Colombia

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During the pandemic, we started to partner with Pastor Julio and his wife in Bogota, Colombia to feed 90 kids from extremely impoverished communities outside of the city 5 times per week. As the pandemic has taken a toll on the economy and access to food, it has also severely impacted the kids’ access to education.  As Pastor Julio and his wife continued to mentor the kids and provide help with homework through the lockdown, they discovered that the kids often could not join the virtual classes because they lacked computers and internet service to join the classes and printers to print out the lessons   

But you, Times Square Church, are putting these kids back in their classes and they are thrilled to be learning again. Through your support, we were able to help them setup a brand new learning center with computers, satellite internet, and a printer. The kids can continue to come to the center to learn, eat, and receive support and mentorship from the pastors and volunteers. Most importantly, they are receiving food and learning from people who genuinely care for them with the love of Jesus Christ.  

This is how your generous tithes and offerings are being used to changes lives and give and the joy of Christ in desperate situations.   

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