Myanmar Love Boxes

In Myanmar, where many Christians face persecution, there is an orphanage where little kids sing praises to Jesus with their arms raised high and Bibles at their sides.

Thanks to your continued generosity through your prayers, tithes, and offerings, these orphans are well taken care of. They learn their Bible verses and songs, receive monthly doctor and dentist visits, learn about animals as they help care for the farm animals on the property, and receive full balanced meals.

When the government came to visit, they were amazed at the standard of living at this orphanage and they commented that the staff at the orphanage care for the kids as if they were their own.

In a place where poverty is common, their cups truly overflow.

Every Christmas, our partners in Myanmar also prepare “Love Boxes” for young monks living in the temple.

These monks are on the lowest rung of the hierarchy, last to eat, and often don’t get to eat at all. Many were so hungry that they even ate the bar of soap in the box, not knowing what it was.

Not knowing Jesus and literally being last in line to eat, these little kids are truly the least of the least. But at Christmas, they each receive their own gift of food and essential supplies along with an introduction to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for sharing with these young orphans and monks. Your generosity is truly bringing light into the darkness.

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