New Feeding program partnership in Málaga, Spain

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Our new feeding program partners in a small town in Málaga, Spain have been feeding immigrant kids from Morocco and Latin America who are in desperate need of food and essential items like clothing.

Pastor Ezequiel and his wife have been supplying basic food for kids and their families with the help of local supermarkets and their congregation. However, due to the severe lock-downs, the government enforced in response to having one of the worst covid-19 outbreaks in the world, the supermarkets, and the congregation have had very little to give. Some weeks, the donations have run so low that they can only give some rice and tomatoes.

We are honored to partner with Pastor Ezequiel and his wife to help them give more food, to be able to give a portion of protein, and a more balanced grocery bag that will supply the nutrition these kids need to grow healthy – physically and spiritually. Many of the families have asked them why they give and as Pastor Ezequiel and his wife have used this opportunity to share the gospel, many have come to know Jesus.

Your continuous support is a blessing that we do not take for granted. We pray that as you continue to be faithful with your giving, we will be able to partner with more pastors and missionaries who are committed to bringing hope and love to the people they serve.

Thanks again for your generosity and desire to partner with pastors all over the world to serve those in need.

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