New Partners in South Africa

What we give to God at this church doesn’t stay here, it goes all over the world. In South Africa generations are being changed, kids are receiving love and care, and new opportunities arise for those who used to live in despair. Over 10 years ago a missionary couple answered God’s call to serve children in the worst AIDS-affected area in the world: Durban, South Africa.

Their work that literally began with one child in one squatter camp, has grown to reach hundreds of kids and their families in over a dozen different slums. They build long-term relationships through feeding programs, home visits, assistance with school fees, sustainable gardening programs, leadership training, programs in arts, sports, and choral singing, and most importantly Bible teaching and discipleship. As a result, kids and their families get to know Jesus and go with us to heaven. We are blessed to be partnering with this ministry.

May we always involve in giving and have a heart for missions. The work of these missionaries all over the world is ultimately our work too as the financial support and prayers provide the practical resources and spiritual encouragement they require to keep persevering.

Thank you, Times Square Church.

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