New partnership with Hope Academy of the Bronx

Honoring God with our tithes and offerings and enjoying the fruit of our giving is what we do here at Times Square Church. This is why we take time each week to show you how people are being helped practically and spiritually through your support.

Recently, we began to partner with a small Christian school in New York City that helps at-risk students in the Bronx. All of the students failed in public school due to behavioral or other difficulties and this school is giving them a second chance at earning a high school diploma through a Christ-centered education. Still, another barrier these students face is hunger. Although they live in New York City, most of them only get to eat a few meals each week.

We are stepping in to help our neighbors by providing funds for breakfast three times per week so they can focus on learning without the distraction of a hungry stomach. Food insecurity in a place like New York City may be unthinkable for many but is a reality that we must face and act when we can.

Chase, one of the students at the school, and his brothers are being raised by a single mother who is currently working two jobs. Chase pretty much takes care of himself at home. No one is making sure he eats breakfast before leaving for school, let alone preparing one for him. He was very excited by the food put out and said, “We should do this every day.” And thank God for the provision.

This is our heritage, to be able to give to people in need, especially kids, out of gratitude for all God has given to us.

Thank you for trusting us with your giving so we can bless this school and feed hungry students in the Bronx.

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