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Pakistan Job Training

Pakistan Job Training

January 2, 2021

Times Square Church is working with a missionary family that has built relationships with local pastors in Pakistan and have been excited to see lives transformed as the Gospel reaches the people.

The journey to the Lord is a long one for people in this part of the world, but the love of the Lord truly leads to repentance and many are finding it.

Once they commit their lives to the Lord, life becomes difficult for them as they are shunned by their families and communities.

The local pastor had an idea to teach women how to sew as a way to generate income for their families and thanks to your generosity we were able to send funds to buy sewing machines and help them get a small school off the ground.

The women, the pastor, and the missionary all want to thank you for your support For the sewing machines and to work like this that helps people help themselves and open doors for the Gospel.