Philippines- Kids and families receive the bread of life

Our ChildCry feeding program partners in the Philippines are diligent about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ as they give out the food because they believe that Jesus really is the bread of life. They did not have to wait long to see the seeds they had planted start to bear fruit. During the pandemic the families they helped did not just thank them for the food, they thanked them for sharing Jesus.

In the dense slums where they live in small shacks and the kids are not allowed to go outside due to the pandemic, these families are reporting that God is providing even with family members out of work, kids who get sick also get healed, whole families are not getting sick at all, and the kids are getting along well and helping their parents.

Louis, a 15-year-old boy with 5 siblings shared that his family is doing well thanks to God’s blessings, like the extra groceries, protection, and the strength He gives them. He said nobody has gotten sick and the kids, although sometimes “naughty” are happy and enjoying the time together. Thanks to your faithful support these families in the slums of the Philippines are eating, thriving, and giving glory to God.

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