The Tent of Meeting- Greece and Mountain churches in Colombia

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The current pandemic has forced all of us to find new ways of doing church. We at Times Square Church praise God for the talents and resources he has given us to stream our services online. But we cannot forget our brothers and sisters at other churches who were not able to move their services online. Some have been forced to close their doors, pray over the phone, cancel all meetings, or meet outdoors when the weather cooperates.

This was the case for two of our church partners, one in Athens Greece, and the other one all the way on the other side of the globe in South America. Both churches did not have the resources to accommodate the new circumstances. So, since they are not only our feeding program partners but also our family in Christ, we stepped in to help them purchase tents. Thanks to your generosity and faithful giving, brothers, and sisters in Greece and Colombia are worshiping God as a congregation again! Pastor Elkin in the mountains in Colombia and Pastor Elias in the capital of Greece are now worshiping God in the tent of meeting,

Pastor Elkin said, “As Moses did in the desert, we are in the tent of the meeting glorifying the name of our God without worrying about rain or sun.” Pastor Elias in Athens expresses his gratitude to all of you for helping his ministry to continue to advance the gospel in Europe to drug addicts and refugees from the Middle East and now at the tent of meeting with his fellow believers, including new Christians!

There are no limitations to the ways God helps his people through your support and commitment.  Thank you, Times Square Church.

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