Turkey Refugees

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It is always a joy to share with you, our Time Square Church family, how we put your generous support and financial partnership towards the things that our church regards as most important, the ministry and great commission of going to the nations and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in practical ways.

That is why we are partnering with an Arab Christian pastor from Israel. Although he serves people in 4 different countries, he said the greatest need is in the Turkish refugee camps. He ministers to thousands of Muslim men, women, and kids living there in precarious conditions by bringing food, clothes, and medicine.  These mostly Syrian refugees escaped war to save their lives but now face poverty and hunger as some have been living in tents for as many as 8 years.

Although we are grateful to be able to help provide some necessities like food, we are grateful to partner with Pastor Yosef who understands that they really need so much more. He said, “If we give them food, they will be hungry again. But, if we give them Jesus, then we are giving them eternal life and the true God to save them forever.”

We are happy to share food and help to meet the needs of these brothers and sisters in Turkey, but the most important thing is that we pray and share our faith in God. Thousands of Muslims in these refugee camps are getting a revelation of God’s love and care for them. Many people have told Pastor Yosef that their own people are not helping them, but they see Christians risking their lives to go and help them, so they want to get to know the God they serve personally.

Praise God we are taking part in the calling to proclaim the good news to all nationalities when we give to his work with our tithes and offerings, it is an investment that is going to places we will never go and helping to do a work that we may never do in person.

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