Uganda family reunification and serving young boys

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Uganda Family Reunification and feeding program. 


Great shouts of joy are resounding in the tents of one of our feeding program partners in Uganda. Street kids who either fled their home or were kicked out only to be further abused and traumatized by life on the streets are coming to our feeding program partners who give them a warm meal, practical help, and the word of God. And here is the reason to shout, one by one, the love of Jesus so deeply transforming each kid that they are taking the leap of faith to return home to their long-lost families.  

Abdul and Joel are two boys who fled home to live on the streets and turned to drugs and alcohol for survival. When our partners invited them to attend the program, they decided to go to get a warm meal. Little did they know that they would meet Jesus and their lives would completely change. As the team mentored and cared for them, they saw God’s heart for family, unity, and reconciliation. They decided to trust God and leave the streets to return to their families. Now they are sharing the good news of Jesus to their family and friends. Abdul and Joel told their communities that everything that happened to them, the good and the bad, would be used to show the world how much Jesus loves us and how good God is 

In just the few years that this program has been operating, 10 young boys have been reunited with their families and are living their new life in Christ. The parents are so grateful and some were in complete shock because they thought their child was dead. But now, these children who were once lost are now reconciled with their families and made new thanks to the transforming power of Christ and the love of our faithful partners. 

Thanks to your support, we are seeing a huge impact in the lives of street kids in Kampala and the parents are lifting high the name of our great God!

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