Ukraine Relief Efforts

Ukraine Relief Efforts

Thank you Times Square Church.
God has blessed you with a generous heart that has allowed us to partner in caring and
helping the people in Ukraine.
As we pray and believe for a miracle to end this war by His supernatural intervention,
We continue to support our partners engaged in serving practically each day.
One partner in particular, Pastor Sasha, lives and pastors in the city of Wolyn, located in
western Ukraine, that has become a shelter for those fleeing the country.

He has mobilized his church and friends to receive more than 200 hundred people
every day. With the funds that we provided, they were able to make the church a safe
haven for those that needed a place to sleep, eat and rest overnight as they continue
their journey out of Ukraine and into neighboring countries—leaving everything behind
knowing that they may not be able to come back.
And just as important as the support to the refugee families,
Pastor Sasha runs and orphanage that has tripled in the number of kids that need food,
beds and care. Thank God for people like him that are not afraid to embrace the need.

Because of your tremendous support, TSC Missions is committed to help Ukrainians
and people all over the world as the Lord commanded us to do being His hand

Thank you for your continued support as the work continues.

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