Ukraine Salvations & Food Distribution

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Our friends and partners in Kolentsi, Ukraine, led by Pastor Paul, have been able to bless over 100 hungry families with food and the good news of Jesus’s salvation.

Pastor Paul worked with friends, volunteers, and other pastors from nearby churches said they were filled with joy as they delivered the food because the Lord gave them a tangible way to reach out to people in need. The bags of bread, rice, vegetables, crackers, sugar, coffee, and other food staples not only made it easy for people to open the doors of their homes, but also the doors of their hearts.

When two homebound women, a 94-year-old mother and her 68-year-old daughter, opened their door to these happy volunteers, they had no idea how their lives would change. After they gratefully received the food, they continued to listen to the team tell them about the love of Jesus. The mother realized that this was not just people from her community coming to her, but Christ Jesus himself, her savior, knocking at her door. A great shout of hallelujah rang out as she opened and invited Jesus into her heart. At the age of 94, this mother ate bread provided by the local church and fellow believers around the world in New York City with her daughter and her savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Paul and his congregation sent a special thank you, the Times Square Church family.
Thank you all for sharing with God’s people and for reaching out to souls in need.

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