Zambia Water project

Thanks to your continued generosity we are partnering with a new organization, Overland missions, Overland missions helps people living in remote villages in Zambia with a critical resource – clean water.  

While many governments and NGO’s have constructed water wells in villages around the world without access to clean water, these wells can break-down and the local people generally need assistance in repairing them. Benjamin, a young mechanical engineer and Overland missions team member, discovered a problem when he was on a mission trip in Zambia, 

Through his missionary work, Benjamin visits these villages yearly and repairs the broken wells. He also teaches the local people sustainable maintenance practices so they can repair the wells themselves. He uses his time with the people to demonstrate God’s love and tell them that all who put their trust in God will be like trees planted by the river – untouched by drought or heat. 

Thanks to Benjamin and your generosity, many communities are able to maintain their physical water source and receive living spiritual water from Jesus Christ our savior. 

Giving to the Lord is a tremendous investment opportunity. We are grateful to all of you for providing Times Square Church with the necessary resources to partner with missionaries that serve communities around the world. 

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