Salome's Story

As my connect group was about to sign-off our Zoom call, the call cut out. I didn’t want to be rude, so I quickly signed back on in case any of the ladies signed back on too. One other lady named Janic did, and to my surprise so did another women from our group who did not attend our meeting that day. Although our meeting was over, I asked the lady who was unable to attend earlier, how she was doing. She started sharing what she was/is going through. As she was talking, the Lord showed me how discouraged, burdened down, and bound up she was and that the enemy was trying to keep her there. As Janic and I began to pray for her, the presence of God came amongst us so strongly, and led us into a deep time of praying, interceding, and praising! God broke the heaviness that was over her and we all left the call feeling encouraged and strengthened. It was such a privilege to pray for our sister and see God move. Our God is so awesome! What looked like a technical issue became a divine appointment to uplift and encourage a beautiful sister in the faith. He never fails to amaze me, and His faithfulness abounds to those who love and serve Him.

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Ukraine Relief Efforts

Ukraine Relief Efforts

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