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Christine's Story

This was my first time leading a 260 Journey Connect Group and I was scared not knowing what to expect. With my already packed schedule, could I add another thing to it? Did I have to prepare a bible study each week? Could I lead a group?

As I took the plunge, I realized that The 260 Journey was very practical and simple to read, and I saw growth in the women. They became vulnerable as we talked about life issues and real connections started developing; friendships began. In the beginning, I thought I was the leader only to realize that I was a facilitator, and it was a group effort.

I had my fears and thought I could not manage a group, but that is not what it is all about. Not only did I see what was happening in the group, but my husband took notice because I was talking about my group all the time. He even asked if he could lead a connect group. He thought that only staff were but when he realized that anyone could, he decided to lead a group as well.

If you’re scared to lead a group, just know it will turn out to be something you never expected or imagined. You don’t need a lot of biblical knowledge, just go trusting God and know that you are not doing this alone, He is with you! You will be blessed.

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