Our partners in Siberia have been very busy taking care of their congregation, contracting then recovering from COVID-19, doing outreaches, planting churches, and more. You may wonder how they do so much. The answer is by the grace of God, and the generosity and prayers of people like you, the members of Times Square Church. We may not go in person to help them with their work, but your prayers and financial support helps them serve their community. You are an important part of every grocery bag given to a hungry family and every church planted. We get to celebrate and praise God for all the seeds planted and amazing stories like Vladimir’s.

Valdimir is a pastor and a former alcoholic who came to know Jesus through a Teen Challenge program. After getting saved, he became a pastor in the same town where he was once known as the worst of the many town drunkards. Well, as a pastor, he not only preached but also fed hungry people and developed such an upstanding reputation that the mayor appointed him as his deputy. During the pandemic, the mayor contracted covid-19 and Vladimir, the former town drunkard, served as mayor for over a month. This is something only God could do!

Thank you Times Square church for giving to The Lord.

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